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オークランド MBA


The Auckland MBA (Auckland Business School)

 Auckland MBA is an academic MBA in NZ.  As a pre-requisite, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBusAdm) must be completed in 1 year.  Upon a successful completion of the GDBusAdm program with a B average grade, Auckland MBA can be completed in 1 year.  For international students, the following is the entry requirements for the programs.  

Entry Requirements


IELTS or TOEFL & GMAT Other Requirements
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBusAdm)
  • IELTS (Academic) 7.0 or 
  • TOEFL 600
  • Bachelors degree and
  • 5 years relevant work experience
The Auckland MBA
  • IELTS (Academic) 7.0 or 
  • TOEFL 600
  • GMAT 550
  • Bachelors degree
  • 5 years management experience
  • B average from GDBusAdm
  • Two references
  • Three essays
  • Interview

Papers for GDBusAdm

For GDBusAdm, students undertake 14 point-worth papers from the papers listed below.  

7 X 2 points papers Accounting & Finance Accounting for Decision Makers
  Business Law Economics
  Marketing for Managers E-Commerce Strategies
  Leadership & Organisation Managing People
Electives New Ventures (3 points) Corporate Venturing (3 points)
  Franchising (1 point)  

Papers for the Auckland MBA

For MBA, students undertake 2 compulsory and 3 elective papers (14 points) from the papers listed below.  

Compulsory (8 points) Integrating Strategy (4 points) Managing Organisational Change (4 points)
Electives (6 points) Financial Analysis Business Ethics
  International Business Management Strategic Human Resource Management
  Innovation & Entrepreneurship Decision, Risk & Value
  Knowledge Management Quality Management

Tuition Fees for International Students for 2018 (in NZD)

Tuition fees for GDBusAdm and Auckland MBA are as follows.  The course fees cover tuition fee, textbooks and materials.  15% GST is included in the course fees.

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBusAdm) NZD7,672 (NZD548 per point) 14 points
Auckland MBA NZD16,536 14 points, 2 compulsory & 3 electives plus GDBusAdm

Application Deadline & Intake in 2018


Application Deadline Course Start
  • Auckland
  • December 2017
  • March 2018

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