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ヴィクトリア MBA


The Victoria MBA (Victoria Management School)

 Victoria MBA is held in Wellington which is the capital City of New Zealand.  Victoria MBA program also has a full-one semester exchange with other overseas MBA programs.  For international students, the following is the admission criteria for the program.

Admission Criteria


IELTS or TOEFL & GMAT Other Requirements
Victoria MBA
  • IELTS 6.5 or 
  • TOEFL 575 
  • GMAT 550 (Option)
  • Bachelors degree
  • 5 years work experience
  • Interview
  • 2 referees

Papers for The Victoria MBA

Victoria MBA is completed in 16 months of full-time study.  For the Victoria MBA, students undertake 6 Core Papers, 4 Management Papers, 1 Strategy Paper and 5 Elective Papers, which come a total of 16 Papers.  

Part 1: 6 Core Papers Commercial Law Economics, Organisations and Markets
  Organisational Behaviour Information Systems
  Problem Solving and Decision Making Financial and Management Accounting
Part 2: 4 Management Papers Corporate Finance Marketing Management
  Human Resource Management Operations and Service Management
Part 3: 1 Strategy Paper Strategic Management  
Part 4: 5 Elective Papers Marketing Communication International Marketing
  Marketing Strategy  
  Advanced Human Behaviour Managing Change
  Strategic/International Human Resource Management Managing Employment Relations
  Advanced Strategic Management System Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
  Electronic Commerce and Information Economy Advanced Corporate Management
  Business Research Project Creative Leadership
  Management Skills Project Management
  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Negotiations: Strategy and Process
  Cross Cultural Management International Business
  Managing Service Operations Advanced Corporate Finance
  Macroeconomics and International Finance Advanced Business Law

Tuition Fees for International Students for 2018 (in NZD)

Tuition fee for the Victoria MBA is as follows.  The course fees cover tuition fee, textbooks and materials.  15% GST is inclusive in the fee.

Victoria MBA NZD31,000 16 Papers

Application Deadline & Intake in 2018


Application Deadline Course Start
  • Wellington
  • February 2018
  • March 2018

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