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Fight for Justice

NZ Herald Article
2016 11 01 Tribunal
2018 06 27 Tribunal
2019 06 28 District

Court Proceeding cases below are  available only for our good and honest Victopia Apartments Owners who have been fighting for Justice and for our Body Corporate Democracy against the Conflict of Interest Body Corporate Chairperson and Committee, and the Conflict of Interest contractors: BC Manager Body Corporate Administration Ltd (BCA Ltd) and the on-site Building Manager.

These Court Proceeding cases are also available only for any other good and honest Body Corporate Owners who have been experiencing numerous concerns, issues and problems with their BC Managements, BC Managers and BMs, and who have been fighting for their Body Corporate Democracy and Transparent and Accountable BC management and operations.


  • NZ Herald articles on our Body Corporate 346799 Victopia Apartments' $78 million Water Leaky Building Litigation Claim attempt by our BC Committee, BC Manager and Building Manager between 2012 and 2016, and on the NZ Law reform to control BC Managers, Property Managers and Building Managers.
  • Proceeding 1.

    2016 11 01 Tenancy Tribunal 9000247, Ikeda v BC 346799 Chairperson, Committee, BCA Ltd and BM (Order Information Disclosure)

  • Proceeding 2.

    2018 06 27 Tenancy Tribunal 9004521, Ikeda v BC 346799 Chairperson, Committee, BCA Ltd and BM (Order Committee Reinstatement, 2017 AGM Violation of Election)

  • Proceeding 3.

    2019 06 28 District Court CIV-2017-004-2861, Turner v Ikeda (Judgment Harassment Act Restraining Order)



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