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Bachelors Degree

Auckland University
Otago University
Canterbury University
Victoria University
Massey University
Lincoln University
Southern Institute

Bachelor's Degree Programs

  Bachelors Degree Programs are available at 8 universities in NZ.  Some Polytechnics are also providing Bachelor's Degrees.  International students can select your interested field of study: Commerce, Business, Tourism, Law, Aviation, Arts, Music, Science, Engineering and Architecture, etc.  Each faculty or college of universities and polytechnics has a variety of study subjects.  Bachelor's programs can be completed in a 3 year full-time study.




2008 World Top 200 Universities (Source: Times Higher Education Supplement 2008)

  • Harvard University (1st)
  • Yale University (2nd)
  • Cambridge University (3rd)
  • Oxford University (4th)
  • London University (7th)
  • Massachusetts University of Technology (9th)
  • Princeton University (12th)
  • Stanford University (17th)
  • Tokyo University (19th)
  • Kyoto University (25th)
  • Hong Kong University (26th)
  • Singapore University (30th)
  • Sydney University (37th)
  • Osaka University (44th)
  • Seoul University (50th)
  • Beijing University (50th)
  • Tokyo University of Technology (61st)
  • Auckland University (65th)
  • Tohoku University (112th)
  • Nagoya University (120th)
  • Otago University (124th)
  • Taiwan University (124th)
  • Kyusyu University (158th)
  • Hokkaido University (174th)
  • Waseda University (180th)
  • Canterbury University (186th)
  • Kobe University (199th)

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